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Girard Industries
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Houston, TX 77041-3507

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Girard has consistently controlled
manufacturing quality and design
integrity to assure maximum pipeline
cleaning performance.

Brush Pigs Brush Pigs

Size 12"-48"
Standard with polyurethane cups. *Standard with spring loaded steel brushes. Available with stainless or prostran brushes. Also available with steel or poly-urethane blades. Pig transmitter mounting optional.


Sizes 14" and above Cup pigs for unidirectional operation. For batching, displacement, hydrostatic testing and paraffin removal. Standard with polyurethane cups.* For gauging, add aluminum or steel gauging plates. Pig transmitter mounting optional.


Size 3"-16"
Standard with polyurethane cups. The wire wheel brushes are excellent at removing paraffin wax build-up.

* Available with neoprene or nitrile cups and discs.

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